Great health is everyone's birthright!
For Bad Breath : Take a mixture of 10 gm fennel seed powder, 5 gm ground rock sugar and 2 gm green cardamom seed powder, twice a day after meals, followed by a little warm water. This formula can help to improve circulation of the air element in the stomach and abdomen region - thus it can help to speed up digestion and improve elimination of ama (toxins) and therefore can help to stop bad breath.

For Indigestion and Loss of Appetite: Prepare a mixture of 3 gm fennel seed powder, 3 gm black pepper powder, 3 gm cumin seed powder and 1 gm rock/black salt – take this mixture 10 minutes before meals. This combination can help to ignite the “Pachaka Pitta” (digestive fire) and also help to increase “Ruchi” (desire/taste) for having food.

For Lactation: Nursing mothers can take a mixture of 5 gm fennel seed powder and 3 gm cumin seed powder, 2 – 3 times a day, followed by a glass of fresh organic hot milk or 100 ml warm water. This can help to increase the production/quantity of breast milk and also ease its flow.