Great health is everyone's birthright!

CECIL LAI, Managing Director, Win-Hanverky (Hong Kong)
“About 10 years ago, I had a serious back problem - went to a lot of different medical doctors but it didn't help at all.  I went to see Dr Sharma and after 6 healing sessions, I recovered totally.  I’m still seeing Dr Sharma regularly and staying healthy ever since”.

GERLIE LEE, Student of Transpersonal Psychology Masters program (Vietnam)
“I have tried various alternative healing methods and have found Ayurveda to be the most effective in healing the root cause of the imbalance in my body. It has been 11 years since my first consultation with Dr Sharma, and I am still amazed by the accuracy of his pulse reading and the effectiveness of Ayurveda healing!  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom on how to achieve physical and emotional balance by simply adapting a balanced diet and lifestyle that is suitable for my body type and condition”! 

"I have been seeing Dr. Sharma for the past 20 years. His diagnosis is always accurate and prescription effective. He deals with the root cause of the illness, eliminates blockages and creates the environment for true wellness to spring forth. Anyone who wishes to enjoy complete health and happiness should definitely see him”.

DARSHAN BHAGAT, Businessman (Hong Kong)  
​ “For a long time, my children were suffering from persistent cough, cold and breathing problems. Doctors said they were asthmatic but the prescribed medication did not have much effect. So I took my children to see Mr. Sharma. By recommending a specific diet and herbal remedies, he was able to cure them within a short time. I was very impressed that he was able to diagnose simply by checking the pulse, and even more impressed with the accuracy of his readings”.

BARBARA, (Switzerland)
"At my first meeting with Vinod Sharma, I was deeply impressed. Never before had I met someone who is able to analyze patients in such a holistic way like he does.  He is an extraordinary Ayurvedic doctor with a vast knowledge about human beings. He can improve people’s health by helping them to better understand their body and mind, and the influence that food and lifestyle have on their health.”

GEETA, Housewife (Hong Kong)
"I am absolutely amazed by Dr. Sharma's highly intuitive and accurate pulse readings!
He has given me great guidance over the years with regard to dietary changes to improve my health and well being.  I feel very blessed to have him here in Hong Kong with us!"

LENKA, (Slovakia)
“The healing treatments by Vinod Sharma have completely changed my life. His deep understanding and expertise of the human body and his own healing abilities are incredible. Thank you”

TANG OI YEE, Education Officer, (Hong Kong)  
​“I approached Mr. Sharma for help since I was constantly afflicted by tiredness, lack of concentration and a poor quality of sleep. After checking my pulse and aura, he drew up a dietary plan for me, combined with specific yoga exercises. Within a few days, there was a definite improve-ment in my energy level. My appetite and the quality of my sleep was also noticeably better. Now I feel more alert, focused and energetic throughout the day. I have been recommending Mr. Sharma to my friends ever since”.


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